Mahaffey Theater from the water, St Petersburg, FL


This week I had the privilege of taking my youngest daughter to the Russian Ballet for her sixteenth birthday. Of course, it was one of “THOSE” days where everything, expected & unexpected, needed to be handled immediately.  As the day progressed, I wondered what was I thinking when I purchased the tickets for a weekday. We both were out the door by 6:30am, my daughter off to high school & me off to work. She had an incredibly busy day too with school, play rehearsal and then ballet class. Shuttling her in between clients, appointments & phone calls, I was trying to remain calm, cool & collected. Okay, honestly, I was just trying to maintain, forget calm, cool & collected! As we raced home, I was really beginning to have second thoughts about going to the ballet. 

Sleeping Beauty, Mahaffey Theater, St Petersburg, FL


Luckily, for us the Mahaffey Theater is just 5 minutes from our house on the waterfront in downtown St Petersburg. The 2030-seat theater underwent a $20 million renovation in 2005 and is absolutely gorgeous. We arrived with just 5 minutes to spare.  As we settled into our seats, second row center, I had completely forgotten about the hectic day we both had experienced. The Tchaikovsky Ballet Theater Company from Russia performed Sleeping Beauty to perfection. We both marveled at the beautiful costumes, the elegant set design and the precision of the dancers. The ballerinas moved as one and when the male dancers landed after a high leap, there was barely a sound. The entire audience was so moved that the ballet company received a 5 minute standing ovation. 

view from Mahaffey Theater, St Petersburg, FL


As we left the theater, I realized that no matter how hectic my days are, I am extremely lucky to live in St Petersburg. This is a city where the Russian Ballet performs in the theater located next to the future Salvador Dali Museum on the Tampa Bay waterfront. 

Ladysmith Black Mambazo and the 10th Annual Cajun Zydeco Crawfish Festival are both coming to St Petersburg in March. 

Mahaffey Theater & downtown, St Petersburg, FL


Dali Museum from Mahaffey Theater, St Petersburg, FL