A few weeks ago, I was lucky to help a friend celebrate her birthday on a sunset cruise in the St Petersburg, Florida harbor. It is always absolutely wonderful for me to be on any kind of boat be it a sailboat, power boat, canoe, kayak, hydrofoil or a cruise ship but his one was special. The 6 of us went out on a rented 24 ft electric boat that was so quiet that at times I had to check to see if the engine was still running! As we boarded, I was chosen to captain the boat out of the harbor & around the city pier. I was a bit shocked as I thought I was an invited “guest”. After a very busy week & an especially hectic day, I was ready to relax, drink some sparkling wine & enjoy the sunset. At first I was nervous not being familiar with this boat but within minutes of maneuvering around the anchored boats in the harbor, I felt very comfortable. Gorgeous views of downtown, dear friends, fellow boaters, the quiet, DOLPHINS and no gas fumes!  What more could one ask for?   

 for videos:   http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1454916650500



for info on renting electric boats in St Pete, see www.electricmarina.com