International Living Postcards

In the “Richest Country on Earth,” You Can Live Better, Longer, Happier, and Less Expensively. Here’s Why… Nowhere else can you live as well, as long, or as happily… for as little money. I’m Suzan Haskins, reporting to you from San Jose, Costa Rica.
 The World Health Organization has ranked the quality of health care in Costa Rica as higher than that of the U.S.! If one becomes a resident here, you automatically qualify for CAJA, Costa Rica’s public health insurance system. Costa Rica is just two hours from Miami and inexpensive flights are available from there. The cost of labor is low here one can easily afford to hire some helpers…both inside and outside the house. Expats here have paid $600 a month to rent a brand-new, fully furnished three-bedroom home – with lawn service and internet included.  Beach properties can be found for $1,000 a month for a home with a swimming pool and a big yard.

5 Things That Contribute to a “Rich” Life in Costa Rica:

  • This country is rich in biodiversity, which means GREAT weather. It offers just about every landscape, temperature, and topography (except snowscapes and who wants that?). From the cool temperate climate of the capital city and suburbs of San Jose to mountain cloud forests, pristine volcanic lakes, lush rainforests, and the world’s most beautiful beaches…you’ll find it all in Costa Rica.
  • It’s one of the “greenest, cleanest” countries in the world with little pollution and lots of clean water and fresh air. (Costa Rica is one of the only countries in the world to actually reverse deforestation!) You will be healthier here, I can practically guarantee it.
  • A staggering 99% of Costa Rica’s energy comes from renewable sources. I don’t have to tell you what that means in terms of dollars…and sense!
  • Costa Ricans are rich with happiness. According to sociologists, Ticos are the happiest people on the planet. The Happy Planet Index, an independent think tank founded to study environmental impact and human well-being, says: “Costa Ricans report the highest life satisfaction in the world and have the second-highest average life expectancy of the Americas (second only to Canada).”
  • Maybe Costa Ricans are so happy because they have all the modern amenities anyone could want or need — modern shopping malls, world-class hospitals, reliable high-speed Internet, you name it…
  • And, importantly… despite the fact that this is one of the world’s most peaceful countries, with one of the world’s longest-standing and most stable democracies, Costa Rica has no military.  Instead of spending money on wars and armies, they spend it on education (adult literacy is practically 100%) and on universal health care, which, as I mentioned, every resident qualifies for. (Free health care is provided to 86.8% of the population!)

But, of course, there’s more. Costa Rica (which literally means the “rich coast”) isn’t called one of the world’s richest countries in the world for just these reasons. Despite all the fortune of Costa Rica’s land, culture, and people, it may just be a place that allows you to live a fuller, richer life…on so many levels.

4 MORE Things That Will Contribute to Your Own Personal Richer Life in Costa Rica:

  1. Low taxes. Costa Rica assesses no (zero) income taxes on foreign-earned income… and annual property taxes are laughably low…no more than a few hundred dollars in most cases. And there’s no capital gains tax!

      2.  Affordable real estate. Despite what you may think… real estate prices in Costa Rica are low — just as low, in fact, as in Mexico and other popular Central American countries like Belize and Panama. You can still find properties with an ocean view, for instance, for one-half to 1/10th what you’d pay for a similar property at home. 

       3. A low cost of living. Most expats report that they live quite happily and without sacrifices on a monthly budget of $1,500 to $2,500. 

       4. It’s easy to start a business here.