Students' art in the Dali Museum-photo AWeller

Last night I had the honor to attend a very special event at the new Dali Museum-The Pinellas Student Surrealist Art Exhibition 2011. One hundred twenty students from middle & high school had their artwork displayed in an upstairs gallery entitled “Postcards to Dali”.  My youngest daughter’s boyfriend Jared had a photo included in the exhibit. How cool is that? How many artists of any age ever have that kind of opportunity? Wow, there was so much extra talent in that museum last night. There was an awards reception held downstairs behind the café after which we ascended the DNA inspired stairs to the gallery where the awards presentation was held. All the students’ art was displayed in the gallery as well as on a huge projection screen in another larger gallery. Local TV stations & various media covered the event.

Students' art reception Dali Museum-photo AWeller

To quote the program, “The Surrealists saw postcards as a source of marvel & mystery, and Dali was attracted to postcards as well as miniaturist art because of its intimate jewel-like appearance. So what better way to celebrate the opening of the new Salvador Dali Museum than to have a student surreal postcard competition? This theme invites students to reflect on their thoughts about Dali & the new museum, and to explore mystery, enigma & dream themes on an intimate scale.”

DNA stairs in Dali Museum-AWeller

The Devouring Eye-Jared Willey Dali Museum-photo AWeller

“Through these exhibits, the Dali Museum seeks to make a difference in the community by recognizing the role our art teachers play in their students’ development & by encouraging students to continue exploring new ideas & creative thinking in all fields of education.”

Following the reception, we were invited to explore the rest of the museum.The New Dali Museum lives up to its press. absolutely stunning inside & out. It is wonderful to see all of Salvador Dali’s pieces at once instead of having to wait for them to appear again in rotation. I will be returning to the museum very soon. The students’ exhibit will remain on display through April 10, 2011.