Beautiful Mexico

 from International Living

Gary DeRose was fed up with rising costs and rising stress levels.
So four years ago, he walked away from it all. At the age of 53 he retired to Mexico. “Now,” he says, “I’m living better than ever.
I have new friends, a great social life, & I can afford to
eat out & travel as much as I like. I would never have had
this kind of life if I’d stayed in California.

“Forget what you think you know about Mexico, says Gary DeRose. Forget what the U.S. news media tells you. Because Mexico really is a land of opportunity, especially if you want to live well on a small budget.”

“The city I live in, a big city, is as safe as, if not safer than San Francisco, where I lived for 28 years. It’s far less expensive. I live on a fairly strict budget. I try to keep my expenses to no more than $1,500 per month.”

There are than many expats living in Mexico. They’ve found a way to escape the stress of the U.S.A. & Canada (not to mention the cold winter weather) & they’re living la vida buena in Mexico.

Gary worked very hard all his life, working 10 hours a day five or six days a week. He was scrambling & budgeting to pay sky-high health care and tax bills. He loved San Francisco, but he didn’t love the frustration of working too hard for too little, as he puts it. He wasn’t happy about the high cost of living in San Francisco. He wanted to enjoy life now & not wait until the traditional retirement age of 65.

He also wanted to live in a place where he could have a swimming pool that he could use year-round, and a beach where he could take long walks with his dog any time he wanted. He especially was seeking a slower-paced lifestyle & in a place where family & friends could easily & affordably visit. But he didn’t want to give up all the comforts he was used to: cable TV, high-speed Internet, modern home appliances, top-notch health care, & more..

Merida is just one of the beautiful
colonial cities Mexico offers.

So four years ago, he sold his California home, took the money he made, & bought another home outright in Merida, the capital of Mexico’s Yucatan state.

“I could have rented a really nice house here for $600 to $800 a month,” he says, “but I like my stuff & I like having a place of my own.” He also likes the fact that he no longer has a mortgage. “I’m not indebted to anyone.”

Gary sold many of his belongings & shipped the rest to Mexico. Then he packed the car, loaded up the dog, & headed south. From the border at Eagle Pass, it was an uneventful & leisurely 3-day drive to Merida.

He settled into life quite nicely there. His new home has gorgeous tile floors, rich wood doors and shuttered windows, an in-ground swimming pool, and a gourmet kitchen. As I mentioned, Gary has no mortgage and his other expenses are minimal. He lives quite well on the interest he earns on his savings and investments.

“In a few years, I’ll be able to live off my social security payments,” he says. “but I didn’t want to wait for that. Retiring early was the best decision I ever made. I was able to do that by moving to Mexico.”

It’s ironic, really. Gary gave up the rat race & he lives on less money than ever. But he lives better than ever. He knows for a fact he couldn’t have done that if he’d stayed in the U.S.

So why did Gary choose Mexico? (He also considered Italy, Costa Rica & Turkey.) But Mexico had everything he was looking for…

Mexico is the closest retirement haven to the U.S.  This may not seem like a big deal, but the convenience of a short plane ride makes all the difference in the world when you want to get back home to family & friends or attend to business matters. Flights to & from Mexico are plentiful, inexpensive & most take less time than a coast-to-coast U.S. flight. From Merida or Cancun, for instance, you can be in Miami or Houston in about two hours. If you want to, you can easily & safely drive to Mexico, as Gary did.

It’s easier to get a resident visa in Mexico than in any other country. You might think Panama, Belize, and Costa Rica have easy resident requirements. The Mexican government has made it very easy for foreigners to live here. In fact, the visa process, hands down, is easier in Mexico. The requirements are less restrictive than any other country in Latin America or Europe.

Mexico has a first-class retiree benefits program. You may know about Panama’s excellent pensionado program, but to be eligible for it, you have to get a visa. In Panama, getting a visa can be tough. Not only is it easy to get a visa in Mexico, but foreigners who are age 60 or older, with a valid Mexico resident visa, are eligible for Mexico’s Personas Adultas Mayores benefits program. The program offers discounts on a wide range of services, including health-related ones (hospitals, doctors’ visits, lab tests, medical devices, pharmacies, & dental work); cultural activities like theater tickets & entra& accommodation, including airline tickets, buses, car rentals & purchase; & at hotels & many stores. Discounts can range from 5% to 50% off the full price of the good or service.

The cost of living in Mexico is low, low, low. With rapidly rising fuel, health care, food, taxes, & travel costs, it’s nice to know there are still places where you can live well without burning through your savings. Mexico is one of those special places. Here, you can enjoy a lifestyle that’s all but unaffordable for most Americans & Canadians. The cost of real estate is far, far lower than it is in the U.S. & Canada. Could you find a beachfront condo in the U.S. for less than $100,000? A home smack on the beach for less than $150,000? You can in Mexico. And you can live very well here on just $1,500 per month or less, as Gary DeRose is doing.

If you are interested in more information on Merida or purchasing a home in Merida, please feel to contact me.