Wow, I absolutely love fireworks! I just finished watching the recorded Fourth of July celebrations in DC and New York. It is so amazing to me
how the makers of fireworks can figure out their craft. Packing those combustibles into tubes & then bundling the tubes just right to come up
with all the different kinds of fireworks, it’s crazy! Crazy good! One of my favorites this year is those that look the planet Saturn with its rings in red, white & blue. How do they do it? Others that I really like are the ones that look like bundles of wheat with shooting stars or arrows coming out of the center. Then my favorite overall is the kind that has whirligigs that make that spinning top whistling sound as they shoot out of the center. How cool are they? The little  kids in the neighbor are really thrilled with the smiling face fireworks this year.

To think that fireworks were invented to scare away evil spirits in China back in the 7th century. I am so glad that the noise outside last night was for celebration and not to defend our country or to ward off evil spirits. No matter what your political views may be, you have to admit this is
truly a fantastic country.  With truly incredible FIREWORKS! Thanks to those rebellious founding fathers (with the behind the scenes help from those founding mothers) and to all those who have and to all those who are still defending our country. Thank you United Sates of America!!