Snell Isle, St Petersburg

Snell Isle is a waterfront residential neighborhood
in St. Petersburg, Florida that owes its beginnings to C. Perry Snell (1869-1942). Snell first visited St Petersburg in 1898 while on his honeymoon.  He returned the next year and purchased waterfront property at First Street and Fourth
Avenue North, where North Shore Park is now found. This was the beginning of his local development business. Snell also purchased property in Crescent Lake, Mirror Lake and 600 acres along the northern edge of St. Petersburg, now known as Coffee Pot Bayou. Mule teams brought soil over from Tampa for months to raise the level of low land. It wasn’t until 1911 that Snell bought the small island made of just sand and mangroves.

On October 14, 1925, Snell began selling the first lots. Of the 600 acres only 275 acres were above high tide levels. In the 1920’s Snell traveled throughout Europe and purchased more than $1 million of statues, tiles and ornaments to give his first properties a European feel. He built the first 9 homes in what is considered Classic European Architecture.

In 1928 Snell gifted some land on Snell Isle to the St. Petersburg Women’s Club. At first the Women’s Club did not want to accept the land because there was only a small wooden bridge and the street car line did not travel that far from downtown. When the city agreed to build a new bridge, which opened on Christmas Day 1931, and extend the street car line, the land was accepted and the club was built.

Snell Isle home, St Petersburg

Today Snell Isle still has many of the original European & Spanish style homes from the 1920’s. Some of the smaller two-bedroom retirement homes have been remodeled or torn down completely and replaced with luxury waterfront homes. The current price of homes on Snell Isle range from $100,000 for a 1000 sq ft home to $3.5 million for a 9500 sq ft home with gorgeous views of Tampa Bay. You can see people fishing, boating, jogging and enjoying what the area has to offer every day.