A colleague of mine has a beautiful 5.2 km beach front property for sale in Rio Lagartos, in the state of Yucatan in Mexico.

Playa Kuká, as it’s known, is located 2.5 hours drive away from Mérida, the state capital, very close to the Rio Lagartos fishers town and the Coloradas salt mines.

Kuká is the name of a palm tree endemic of that region.

The owners ask a price of $1,500.00 USD per lineal meter of beach front. Considering that the usefull land of the property is 186 hectares, that would be $4.19 USD per square meter.

The entire property is for sale, but they may also sell one part of it as they have already divided it in several 100m beach front lots and some of them are as large as 40,000 m2 (4 hectares).

They would also consider the option of selling a part of the property and participating with other part as partners of a good project.

Playa Kuká has been a private property for more than 30 years. They have all their legal papers and even some permissions to make a .75% density ecological development because it’s part of the reserve of the biosphere of Rio Lagartos.

If necessary, the owners would open a Stewart title escrow account for the transaction.

Playa Kuká is like a private island where you can keep in touch with everybody by cellphone and internet (Telcel) and from which you can get back easily to the civilization when you want, and it’s a great place for people who would like to have a nice and peaceful beach front property away from the crowds or for developing a private resort.

Pilotes 1 House

Also for a sale a 300 hectares ranch in mainland, just 10 km away from Rio Lagartos and Playa Kuká, that is out of the biosphere reserve so it’s possible to make a complementary development there even with a golf course.

Enjoy a wonderful beach home in a Mexican tropical paradise at a reasonable price.

Playa Kuká is the most environmentally respectful coastal development in Yucatan: 100 meter beachfront lots inside the spectacular Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve.

Río Lagartos is a small fishing village of 3,000 inhabitants on the north coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, 21/2 hours from Cancún or Merida.

Most of the population is devoted to small-scale fisheries, including spiny lobster, octopus and grouper. Río Lagartos is home to the second largest harvester of sea salt in Mexico.

There is a thriving ecotourism industry that attends visitors who enjoy local Activities & Attractions. Small hotels and inns are found in the village, as well as restaurants with regional cuisine and fresh seafood.

Cabana Playa Kuka

Strolling along the waterfront you will see traditionally built wooden houses; fishermen repairing their nets; and neighbors enjoying the cool breeze off the lagoon.

Yucatan is the State with the lowest crime rate in Mexico, comparable only to that of the world’s safest countries such as Denmark and Iceland. Río Lagartos is known for its tranquility and safety to the extent that locals do not consider it necessary to lock their doors.

The inhabitants are friendly and warm and very much attached to their traditional values.

The Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve is renowned for its wildlife and biological processes. It also has the most important nesting site for thousands of American Flamingos that are only found in Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula.

In Río Lagartos there is always something to do!. Depending upon your personal interests and available time, you can make interesting plans for a day, a week or a month.

view from the water

On the beautiful Beaches you can swim, walk along miles of white sand, collect shells, practice water sports and enjoy spectacular sunsets. Popular activities include boat tours, sport fishing and birdwatching.

The more adventurous people can walk the trails or kayak through the mangrove canals…interacting more intimately with nature.

To complete your visit do not forget to eat at one of the restaurants specializing in fresh seafood or regional Yucatecan dishes.

Get “lost” on white sand beaches bordering the emerald-colored sea and enjoy the most beautiful sunsets from the terrace of your house at Playa Kuká.