Honoring Veterans @ the Dali   


DNA stairs in Dali Museum-AWeller


Friday,  November 11, 2011. Ceremony honoring Veterans, 11 am

Special  admission promotions and activities to the public throughout the day.

Join us for a day of  honoring Veterans at the Dalí Museum. We start at 11 am with a ceremony to  express gratitude to our veterans and military by hanging wishes of thanks on  the Dalí Museum Wish Tree. The Tree is located in the Museum’s Avant-gardens. A  selection of wishes will be read aloud during the ceremony and hung on the  Tree. It will also be streamed live as a way to send the wishes to families and  friends across the globe.

Cost: The  ceremony is free and open to the public. Free admission to galleries for  veterans, military, police, and firefighters with ID; accompanied, immediate  family members enjoy a special rate of $11.

Our  Wishes on 11.11.11

Friday,  November 11, 2011

Special  admission promotions and activities to the public throughout the day.


11.11.11. also marks the  10–month anniversary of the new Dalí Museum, which opened on 1.11.11 at 11 am. Activities  and special offers continue throughout the day. Admission to visit the Museum’s  galleries is free for all veterans, military, firefighters and police with ID;  immediate family members enjoy a special rate of $11. Special activities will  continue throughout the day until 5:30 pm.

Send your wishes for  11.11.11. by mail and by twitter! Tweet your wishes to #DaliWishTree, which will  be on view all day at the Museum. We also welcome your wishes by mail:

The  Dali Museum

Attn:  Andrea Ayala

1  Dali Boulevard

St.  Petersburg, FL 33701

1)  Send a standard size postcard of 6 in. wide by 4 in. tall.

2)  Decorative elements must be limited to 2-dimentional art. Beads, fabric, lace,  and other 3-dimensional elements may be damaged or lost in the mail.

3)  A valid return address and email address must be included on the postcard.


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