Here is an article written by one of our Pinellas International Council members, Manuela Hendrickson, that I thought might be of interest.

Typical house for sale in Germany 2012

Having just returned from three weeks vacation in my beautiful Home Country, I want to share a little insight in the real estate business in Germany with you.

Unlike here, in Florida, there is no requirement for a real estate agent in Germany to go to classes or take a state examination. As long as the necessary permit is filed with the necessary entity regulating businesses, and the applicant does not have a criminal history or financial disaster in their life, opening a real estate business is encouraged.

Most professional agents frequently take classes and work on their education on their own. The more you know the less you subject yourself to legal issues.

Typically the contracts to offer a property for sale are similar to Florida, which include a form of open listing, exclusive agency and exclusive right of sale.

In most cases however, the seller is the one contracting with an agent, whereas the buyer or tenant is to pay the commission, which is often referred to as courtage.

I will be happy to assist with any questions you may have in regards to real estate in Germany, and have often times assisted with translation issues.

Manuela Hendrickson

Broker-Associate, CIPS, GRI

Realty Executives