Just some interesting little tidbits that I have heard or read about lately:

These are the from National Association of Realtors:

84% of all residential real estate sales begin on the Internet; 74% of Internet Buyers find their agent through a search engine

One in Four Foreign Buyers Buy in Florida

primary sources of business-referrals, repeat clients & their website

The Top 10 “Must-Have” features that homebuyers want in a house

1. Large kitchen   2. Energy efficiency which includes appliances, insulation & windows   3. Home office   4. Main floor master bedroom suite   5.

Outdoor living room   6. Ceiling fans   7. Master suite soaker tubs   8. Stone & brick exteriors (depends on where they live)   9. Community landscaping with walking paths & playgrounds   10. Two or three car garage

from Good Housekeeping Magazine’s What is your Energy-Efficiency IQ?  Heating your home typically uses 31% of your energy, AC uses 12%; leaving your computer in sleep mode uses very little electricity & no waiting for rebooting so no need to shut down for lunch breaks, using a coffee maker daily costs about $35/year if you leave it on for an hour to keep coffee warm-okay, interesting

The trend in gardening this year is going back to its 1980’s roots so to speak: integrating fruits & vegetables into general landscape giving beauty & food; including succulents & bromeliads which are easy to maintain but look exotic with their bright colors; adding colorful plants to each side of your driveway & not just to your entrance sidewalk; using semi-porous paths (stone or brick instead of concrete) which allow for better draining & therefore better for the surrounding plants & trees; and lastly, adding natural ec-friendly wood seating & dining spaces which are made of bamboo or eucalyptus.