This morning on our way into the local drugstore, I saw some flower stems sticking out of the trash can. Of course, I HAD to look. How often do you see that? So as I walked over to look, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I pulled out a bouquet of plastic wrapped flowers and they looked perfectly fine. Then I saw that the whole trash can was filled with beautiful plastic wrapped bouquets. Wow!! My daughter, of course, was not only thinking but saying, “Umm, mom? What are you doing now?”  Oh my gosh, free flowers!! Fresh flowers are not really in my budget these days but I love flowers.

As we go into the drugstore, I am thinking that if those flowers are still there when we come out I am definitely taking some flowers home with me. When we come out, all the flowers are still there & there is no other trash in the can. Seriously?  I start pulling out bouquet after bouquet. Some have seen better days but I walked away with 9 bouquets of flowers, including 3 of long stemmed roses. Score! I tried not to feel too greedy because I did leave twice as many there. 

So a big THANK YOU to the drug store employee who decided to throw the flowers in the trash can just outside the front door instead of the dumpster. My house look gorgeous and the sweet scent of fresh roses is floating through the air. I am one happy girl tonight as I survey my free find. Ahhhh….heaven!!!