On New Year’s Eve I promised myself that this would be a great year. Some really good things have happened so far. My daughter got into the college of her choice-bravo, and she got her driver’s license. In January I travelled to Mexico City to attend the installation of the President of AMPI and spend some wonderful time there with some dear friends. I was treated like royalty. In February I was chosen by the British TV show, A Place in the Sun, to help a British couple purchase a vacation home in the St Petersburg-Tampa area. However, this last month has been a pretty rough month. Two pets have passed away.  And after 8 months of problems, I finally have had some serious health issues diagnosed -one surgery 4 weeks ago and one more this last Tuesday. (This is my first foray onto my computer or the Internet since the surgery. After I post this, it is back to bed for me.) Several friends have asked why I haven’t been very social both in person & on the Internet this year-well, now you know why. Sorry, I needed to get a handle on it before I could share the information. After recovery (several weeks of no driving, no lifting, no bending or twisting, etc.-oops, there goes that 60’s dancing contest on Saturday night), the great year better get back on track! I am so ready. I am also very lucky to have such incredibly supportive friends, business associates, clients and a fantastic doctor & staff that have been so sweet & have helped me to get through this last month. Thank you all so, SO much! I certainly couldn’t have done it without you. Onwards & upwards!