By RealAge.
Did I get your attention with that title? I received an email from the health newsletter RealAge & just couldn’t resist sharing. According to the RealAge 2012 Youngest & Oldest Cities in America Report, these are the 10 Best Cities for Sex.  Hmmm, I used to live in the San Francisco Bay area & now I live in the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater. No comment.

1. San Diego/Knoxville, TN

2. Miami/Tampa, FL 

sunset on St Pete Beach-A. Weller

Things are muy caliente down in The Sunshine State. Is it the romantic beach sunsets that make Florida such a sexy state among our RealAge cities? Miami-Fort Lauderdale is the second-best city for sex for men, while the ladies are very satisfied in Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater.

3. Las Vegas/Miami

4. San Francisco/Los Angeles

California is another state where men and women are getting plenty of action. San Francisco,  our top city with the youngest RealAge, is the fourth-best city for sex for men. Its SoCal sister, Los Angeles-Riverside-Orange County,  takes that honor for women. Plenty of exercise, a good diet, and not smoking help residents of both cities nourish that lovin’ feelin’.

5. Providence, RI/Houston

6. Boston/Orlando, FL

7. Austin, TX/Sacramento, CA

8. New York/Providence, RI

9. Orlando, FL/Las Vegas

10. Denver/San Diego