Please help to do the right thing by signing this petition. “Forgive my dead student’s loans”.

My dear friend’s 26 year old son passed away suddenly and unexpected 2 years ago while attending CITADEL COLLEGE. His son was incredibly smart, talented, and sweet with a great sense of humor and seriously, he was a very good person to all. As soon as he passed away, the SOUTH CAROLINA STUDENT LOAN ASSOCIATION decided that all of his loans were due in full since he was no longer attending college. No parent should ever have to face something like this after the loss of their child. Richard not only has to deal with this horrible loss but also all the expenses that go with it-funeral arrangements, his son’s car payments, etc and the loss of pay from time spent dealing with this. He has tried in vain for over 2 years to have the SOUTH CAROLINA STUDENT LOAN ASSOCIATION understand that he simply does not have this kind of money. The expenses for 4 years of education at the Citadel are much more than the value of his home and the mortgage on it. Richard is an extremely hard working, loving & caring person who would give you the shirt off his back. In spite of some medical issues of his own that he has quietly been enduring this last year, he continues to work and has not asked anyone for help until this petition. I wish I could do more.

I strongly believe that there needs to be exemptions made for repayments of student loans due to death of the student or excessive medical bills of the student. Please take a look at this petition & if you agree that sometimes exceptions need to be made, please sign it & pass it on to others that might care. Maybe if enough of us sign this, student loan associations will get the idea and DO THE RIGHT THING! I truly appreciate your time & kindness. Thank you so much.

Richard only asked me to sign the petition but I thought that if people can get a bank to remove fees by a petition then maybe we could get the loan association to at least reduce the loan amount. It’s worth a try.