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Costa Rica affordable properties

It’s hard to imagine how anyone could forget a coastline that looks like this…

But that’s exactly what happened to Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. Home to the best beaches (and the best surfing) in Costa Rica, amazing national parks and a unique culture, for decades it was known as the Forgotten Coast.

Everyone forgot about it. Many Costa Ricans have never visited this coast. Big business forgot about it, focusing on the capital city, San Jose. Tourists forgot about it, instead flocking to the country’s Pacific coast. Property shoppers forgot about it, getting caught up in a buying frenzy on the northwest Pacific coast and in the Central Valley.

Of course, there’s an upside to the world forgetting that you exist. Property prices stayed low on Costa Rica’s Caribbean side. Your real estate dollar goes a long way here.

But that’s set to change. This coast is poised for a transformation. A one-billion dollar deal along here just recently hit the books. Now is the time to scope out property bargains – before this coast hits the big time.