I saw this on the Dali schedule and just had to check it out further. Heckling at the Dali? So the event is to watch the 1996 movie Twister starring Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton and then to be given permission and encouragement to heckle at it? (Heckle-to jeer, to disrupt, to interrupt a public speaker, performer, etc. by comments, questions, or taunts) Yes, that’s exactly what it is. Hmmmm, attending Rocky Horror Picture Show immediately comes to mind; only this will be held in the award winning Dali Museum in downtown St Pete with the gorgeous waterfront as the backdrop. A little more upscale than the usual heckling spots that I have seen. Knowing the members of the museum and the attendees from previous events, the apparel will probably either match the movie or Dali’s artwork. The outfits are always very creative and so are the attendees. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Apparently, in 1996 Twister was the second-highest grossing film in the USA. In case you have forgotten, a team of storm chaser tries to design and release a data-gathering instrument into a tornado, before another better-funded team with the same kind of device does during a horrible outbreak of super tornados across Oklahoma.

Heckling at the Dali Thursday, July 12 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Bring your biting wit and cell phone to the Dali Museum’s Movie Hecklers event. Need a little liquid courage? Members get a free drink ticket. Cash bar available. We’ll be heckling Twister, otherwise known as the hurler of cows. Café open. Summer specials include: watermelon agua fresca and shrimp skewers.
Cost: Free to the Public. Event does not include Gallery Admission. ($10 after 5pm Thursdays)
Sponsored by Mahou Beer
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