From what I have heard the first step in any recovery program is to admit that one has a problem. My problem is that I absolutely love watching the Olympics. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the summer or winter Olympics. I am fascinated with what the human body can accomplish. If I could, I would be watching them 24/7 for the next 2 weeks. And then, of course, I have to watch the Paralympics the following 2 weeks.

Olympic rings

Deciding which sport is my favorite is impossible. I guess I would have to say that the water sports are some of my summer favorites-swimming, diving, swimming relays. But I also love track & field, gymnastics, cycling, basketball, volleyball and beach volleyball (go Misty & Kerri). During the winter games, I love to watch the skiing, speed skating (thank you Apolo Ono!), luge, bobsleigh, & snowboarding.

During each event I “discover” a new sport or learn more about another one. This year so far I have found white water canoeing and team handball. I can’t quite get the rules for team handball yet. It looks like a cross between basketball, soccer & handball but not really.

I think that during the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics, my youngest daughter and I “discovered” curling for the first time. We were hooked immediately because it was so bizarre. The players, especially the women, were so intense. We sat there mesmerized with our mouths wide open. Who invited this sport and why? Two winter games later we were still fascinated and became somewhat knowledgeable about the history and the game.

Eight polished heavy granite stones are slid on the ice and then 2 sweepers brush the ice to change the direction the stone moves down the track towards the center of the house. The other team tries to knock the first team’s stones out & place their own in it. The game was invented in Scotland and the oldest stone was found with the date of 1511 engraved on it. Last winter we found out that there are 2 curling clubs very near our house here in Florida. Here in Florida?

Do you believe that tug of war used to be an official Olympic sport? Surf lifesaving (1900), ballooning (1900), ski ballet (1998) and dog-sled racing (1932) were once demonstration sports.

Then there is the American skeet shooter Kim Rhode who has medaled in 5 Olympic Games. She has 3 gold (including 1 this week), 1 silver and 1 bronze. How awesome is that?

I guess I also love the fact that for a few weeks, the athletics show us how we should behave in the real world. I saw the athletics from different countries greeting each with smiles and hugs during the opening ceremonies. Some have been seeking out other athletics for their autographs and photographs. Tonight, for example, the entire German men’s gymnastics team came over to congratulate and shake the hands of every British team member on their winning the Bronze medal.

Yikes! Michael Phelps is about to race and I must watch my fellow Marylander. I already watched a fellow Floridian Ryan Lochte win a gold medal the other night. Thank goodness I can tape the games while I am working to watch later. Ah, the life of an Olymp-aholic continues. I think that I will start my recovery some other time.