This article states that massive investments for the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica have been slated. Actually, the government & many investors have already begun pouring money into this coast to redevelop it and make it more like the Pacific Coast. This is the time to invest on the Caribbean Coast before prices sky-rocket. More and more people are discovering all it has to offer at a fraction of the cost.

Beach near Limon, Costa Rica-Annalisa Weller

from International Living Extra

You many never have thought of Costa Rica as a Caribbean destination. Sure, it’s got miles of crashing Pacific surf… soaring volcanoes… rolling, jungle-clad hills… and Alpine-like lakeside retreats. But a Caribbean worth talking about?

The answer: Yes. But it’s a conversation only for folks in the know. Because this is IL Real Estate Editor, Ronan McMahon’s latest discovery. A real bargain—some of the most under-valued real estate in the Caribbean—and it’s in Costa Rica.

There are, in fact, 132 miles of true Caribbean coastline on the eastern side of Costa Rica—white-sand beaches, turquoise water, waving palms… the works. Yet even most Costa Ricans seem to have forgotten it.

Well, Ronan’s found it. Here’s a note he sent:

“It’s rough and untamed, yet picture-perfect Caribbean beach lined with palm trees. We are just minutes from the amenities of the provincial capital. Yet, it feels untouched. Walking south, the beach goes on as far as the eye can see. I keep expecting a resort to appear. It never does. The closest thing to a resort I see is a little barbecue area in the green strip of palm trees that separates the beach from the road.”

Things are changing along this coast, there’s massive investment slated.