I took this quiz from Coastal Living magazine and found out that my style is Island Exotic. If you know me, you would not be surprised by this at all. It is only 9 questions long inquiring about your favorite books. flowers in your vases, favorite drink, and which vacation you are mostly to take. Hmmmm, is it near the water? Then I am there! Kind of fun for 3 minute break from work.

What’s Your Beach House Style?

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What’s Your Beach House Style?

Do you love a modern, glamorous space, or laid-back surf shack? Discover your seaside personality and get decorating tips to suit your style.

Here is my result from the quiz. Let me know what your style is.

Your Beach Style is:

Island Exotic

Decorating is easy when you use things you love. Meeting new people and visiting exciting locales is inspirational, and it is only natural to fill a home with the treasures you unearth.

Add a touch of refinement to your space with carved wood and mirror pendant light. The Mango wood feels exotic, while the mirrored interior offers a little sparkle.