NASA just officially announced that December 12, 2012 will not be the end of the world after all. Many predictions have been made that the world would end based on the end of Mayan long count calendar. The Mayan calendar systems go back to at least the 5th century BC.  According to the Mayans, the world has ended 4 times before but then it restarts on a new cycle. The Mayans have long been known for their accuracy when it comes to astronomy, including knowing that there are 365.2244 days in a year and stating when comets or meteorites have hit the planet in the far past. As far as NASA can see there are no comets or planets that will be crashing into the earth on December 12th or any time in 2012.

And there was great rejoicing throughout the lands!! Oh, but now I guess I have to pay my bills after all.