Presented as part of a Shakespeare Festival in collaboration with area arts organizations featuring concerts, films, visual art, theater and more
Beginning Friday, January 11, 2013 the Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, which holds the largest collection of Dalí in the Americas, will exhibit 31 works and two illustrated books inspired by the works of William Shakespeare. This new exhibition, drawn from the museum’s collection, will be on display through April 28, 2012. The exhibition is curated by Joan Kropf, the Dalí Museum’s curator of the collection.
About the Exhibition

  Although best known as a painter, Dalí also was a prolific writer, producing the remarkable autobiography The Secret Life   of Salvador Dalí, the witty painter’s handbook 50 Secrets of Magic Craftsmanship, numerous essays and critical works   including The Tragic Myth of Millet’s Angelus, and even the novel Hidden Faces. His involvement in the world of   literature enabled Dalí to be highly sympathetic in bringing to life a diverse range of literary classics including Dante’s   Divine Comedy, Cervantes’ Don Quixote, Goethe’s Faust, and Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.    But the one writer Dalí repeatedly returned to was William Shakespeare.
Shakespeare (1564-1616) is widely regarded as the greatest dramatist in English literature. Dalí is widely regarded as the 20th   century’s greatest artist of dreams. This exhibition features two suites of drypoint engravings (a method in which the design to   be printed is scratched directly into a plate with a sharply pointed instrument) and two illustrated books in which Shakespeare’s   most celebrated creations are reimagined by Dalí.  Much Ado About Shakespeare (1968) includes 15 drypoint engravings and   Shakespeare II (1971) includes 16 drypoint engravings. Dalí engraved the plates with fluidity and energy to depict   Shakespeare’s protagonists and convey his feeling for them.
The exhibit also features two bound books of Shakespeare classics – Macbeth (Doubleday, 1946) and As You Like It   (London, Folio Press, 1953), which are examples of Dalí’s illustrations for texts. Compared with the emblematic quality of the   engravings, these book illustrations depict specific passages from the text. Macbeth features some of Dalí’s most elaborate   illustrations, photomechanical reproductions of original works on paper, whereas As You Like It is illustrated with   reproductions of Dalí’s drawings of costumes and sets for a 1949 stage production of the play.



About the Festival

  The exhibition Much Ado About Shakespeare is presented as part of a collaborative Shakespeare Festival which will include   two orchestra programs, five Shakespeare-inspired films, dramatic readings, Shakespeare in song, excerpts from plays and other  events from January 3 through January 26. Partners include The Florida Orchestra, American Stage Theatre Company, The Mahaffey   Theater, The Studio@620, Sunscreen Film Festival, St. Petersburg College School of Music, & the USF School of Music.
Shakespeare Festival Event Schedule

For details of each event, please click on the event title.    Events listed in bold will be at the Dali Museum.

THU, JAN 3, 11:00am Coffee Concert:  “Symphonic Shakespeare”                                                                                   – Presented by The Florida Orchestra
        The Mahaffey Theater         400 First Street South, St. Petersburg
Stuart Malina, conductor         Nicolai:  Merry Wives of Windsor Overture         Mendelssohn:  A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Overture & Scherzo         Walton:  Richard III, A Shakespeare Suite         Beethoven:  Coriolan Overture         Shostakovich:  Hamlet – Incidental Music         Walton:  Henry V – Passacaglia & Touch Her Soft Lips and Part
Tickets: $24, $29 & $42 (Students:  $10)         Includes pre-concert talk at 10am; complimentary coffee & doughnuts 727.892.3337 or 800.662.7286
SAT, JAN 5, 1:00pm Film Screening:  Scotland, PA                                                                                   – Presented by The Dali Museum & Sunscreen Film Festival
        The Dali Museum         1 Dali Blvd, St. Petersburg
A modernized retelling of Macbeth set in 1970s suburban Pennsylvania.  Directed by Billy Morrissette and starring James LeGros, Maura Tierney and Christopher Walken.
2001 – 104 minutes – rated R         Free admission to film         Information: 727.823.3767
THU, JAN 10, 5:30pm “Shakespeare in Song” – Presented by The Dali Museum and St. Petersburg College School of Music
        Dali Museum         1 Dali Blvd, St. Petersburg
Students from St. Petersburg College perform vocal selections based on Shakespeare’s texts and dramatic works.
Free admission to performance         Information: 727.823.3767
FRI, JAN 11 – APRIL 28 The Dali Museum:  “Much Ado About Shakespeare” Exhibit
        Dali Museum         1 Dali Blvd, St. Petersburg
Two suites of Shakespearean Comedies and Tragedies consisting of 31 drypoint engravings will be on display.  Two editions of his published illustrated books Macbeth and As You Like It will accompany the sets.
Adults:  $21         Seniors 65+, Military, Police and Firefighters:  $19         Children 13 to 18 & students 18+ with ID:  $15         Children 6 to 12:  $7         Children 5 and younger:  FREE         After 5pm on Thursday:  $10         Information: 727.823.3767
SAT, JAN 12, 1:00pm Film Screening:  Prospero’s Books – Presented by The Dali Museum & Sunscreen Film Festival
        The Dali Museum         1 Dali Blvd, St. Petersburg
An exiled magician finds an opportunity for revenge against his enemies muted when his daughter and the son of his chief enemy fall in love in this uniquely structured retelling of the The Tempest.  Directed by Peter Greenaway and starring John Gielgud, Michael Clark and Michel Blanc.
1991 – 124 minutes – Rated R         Free admission to film         Information: 727.823.3767
SAT, JAN 19, 1:00pm The Dali Museum’s Family Day                                                                                    – Presented by The Dali Museum & Sunscreen Film Festival                                                                                    – Featuring film screenings, family activities, refreshments, and more…
        The Dali Museum         1 Dali Blvd, St. Petersburg
The Lion King – 1:00pm         Bring the kids to the Dali for a screening of Disney’s classic film inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet.  Kids can participate in Lion King inspired activities before and after the film.         1994 – 89 minutes – Rated G        Information: 727.823.3767
SAT, JAN 19, 3:00pm Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead
        The Dali Museum         1 Dali Blvd, St. Petersburg
Two minor characters from Shakespeare’s Hamlet stumble around unaware of their scripted lives and unable to deviate from them.  Directed by Tom Stoppard and starring Gary Oldman, Tim Roth and Richard Dreyfuss.         1990 – 117 minutes – Rated PG
Free admission to film and kids’ activities         Information: 727.823.3767
WED, JAN 23, 7:00pm An Intimate Collaboration: “All The World’s a Stage”                                                                                    – Presented by The Studio@620 and The Florida Orchestra
        Studio@620         620 1st Avenue South, St. Petersburg
The Studio@620’s first of four events in partnership with The Florida Orchestra explores Shakespeare’s influence on music, spoken word and more in a multifaceted artistic collaboration.  Vocalists from the USF School of Music’s Chamber Singers highlight Shakespeare’s words in song.  Co-hosted by Studio@620 artistic director Bob Devin Jones, special guests from The Florida Orchestra and guest conductor Andrew Grams.
Suggested donation:  $10         Seating is limited. Reservations are suggested.          Information: 727.895.6620
FRI, JAN 25, 10:00am SAT, JAN 26, 8:00pm SUN, JAN 27, 7:30pm Masterworks: “Tchaikovsky’s Romeo & Juliet”                                                                                   – The Florida Orchestra & American Stage Theatre Company
        Progress Energy Morning Masterworks: Mahaffey Theater, St. Petersburg         Tampa Bay Times Masterworks: Mahaffey Theater, St. Petersburg         Tampa Bay Times Masterworks: Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater
Andrew Grams, conductor         Tchaikovsky:  Hamlet – Fantasy Overture after Shakespeare         Tchaikovsky:  The Tempest – Fantasy Overture         Tchaikovsky:  Romeo & Juliet – Fantasy Overture
Under Artistic Director Todd Olson, actors from American Stage present scenes from the plays as preludes to the Tchaikovsky’s music.
Tickets: $15, $35 & $45 (Students:  $10)         Post-concert talk at morning performance         Pre-concert talk one hour prior to the start of the evening performances 727.892.3337 or 800.662.7286
SAT, JAN 26, 1:00pm Film Screening: Romeo + Juliet                                                                                    – Presented by The Dali Museum & Sunscreen Film Festival
        The Dali Museum         1 Dali Blvd, St. Petersburg
Shakespeare’s classic retains its original dialogue in an “old wine in new bottles” setting in the modern suburb of Verona. Directed by Baz Luhrmann and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Claire Danes and John Leguizamo.         1996 – 120 minutes – PG-13
Free admission to film         Information: 727.823.37676

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