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Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg

The race is held on the streets of downtown St Petersburg. The track winds around downtown around condo buildings, restaurants, bars, banks and stores along the waterfront pass the St Pete Yacht Club, Al Lang Stadium, the Mahaffey Theatre and the Salvador Dali Museum and onto Albert Whitted Airport. I can hear the cars racing from my house & my parents just go to the top of their condo building to watch the cars circling around them. It is pretty exciting and so cool! How many cities have Grand Prix races actually running on their downtown streets?

I do have to admit that it can be fairly tricky maneuvering the streets to get to your local businesses, or in my parents’ case getting in & out of their building, but I think that it’s worth it. I have lived in tourist towns (Annapolis, San Francisco Bay area & St Pete) for most of my life, so I don’t mind. Just allow some extra time and enjoy it.

Tickets range from $35 to $135 and  the additional paddock tickets range from $40-$65.

Honda Grand Prix of St Petersburg with the St Pete Yacht Club

Honda Grand Prix of St Petersburg with the St Pete Yacht Club

You can also watch the 2013 Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg from your boat at by anchoring in the St Petersburg Yacht Club,  an exclusive, members only area, located on private floating docks at  Turns 10 & 11.
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