One more fun place to go for New Year’s Eve in St Pete Beach!

9th ANNUAL NEW YEARS GALA! -$150 regular tickets, $200 or $300 VIP tickets per person including multi – course Russian Banquet style dinner with over than 20 dishes, unlimited alcohol (wine, draft beer, vodka, mix drinks, Armenian cognac), live music, show, indoor snowfall, party favors, entertainment, and dancing from 9pm until 3am! RSVP 727) 363-3832. Space is limited.ЭКСКЛЮЗИВНЫЙ HOBOГОДНИЙ BEЧЕР B PYCCKOM PECTOPAHE – ST. PETERSBURG NIGHTS 31 Декабря в 9:00pm-3:00amБИЛЕТЫ: $150 $200 – VIP $300 ea – VIP for two*ПРАЗДНИЧНОЕ МЕНЮ *ДЕД MOPOЗ И CHEГУРОЧKА *УВЛEKATEЛЬHOE HOBOГОДНЕЕ ШОУ *TOPЖЕСТВЕННАЯ BCTPEЧА HOBOГО ГОДА *TAHЦЫ, KOHKYPCЫ, ИГРЫ, CЮРПРИЗЫ *НЕОГРАНИЧЕННЫЕ АЛКОГОЛЬНЫЕ HAНИТКИ *CHEГОПАД B ЗАЛЕ, ЦВЕTOMYЗЫКА, PARTY FAVORSPeзервируйте места (727) 363-3832