Buying a property is always a big decision, especially if that property is located overseas and will require a lot of financial planning. If you don’t you could be left out of pocket. Seeking expert help can lessen the pressure and make the process easier and less complicated.

Using a foreign exchange specialist such as Moneycorp can boost your budget. Moneycorp help thousands of people every year get more out of their foreign exchange and money transfers when buying property overseas. My clients and I have worked with Moneycorp for over 7 years both for International buyers purchasing property in the USA and USA citizens purchasing in many other countries.

Exchange rates are constantly shifting. Often exchange rates can shift dramatically before the legal process of a buying a house is complete, sometimes meaning that the property’s price has changed by many thousands.

For example if your funds are in euros and you agreed to buy a $250,000 house in May 2014 when it would have cost you around €180,000, but by the time it came to pay by September 2014, the euro declined so the house will now cost as much as €194,000. This exchange rate movement means the house now costs them €14,000 ($18,000) more, even after you’ve agreed on the final price in dollars.

All clients have access to their own dedicated account manager to offer expert guidance on the fast paced foreign exchange market. With their help you can make the most of market movements in your favour and avoid being caught out by slides.

You can even use specialist exchange tools to protect yourself or make the most of your money. For example a “forward contract” can lock an exchange rate for up to 24 months for a future transfer. So your rate is fixed no matter how the foreign exchange rate market fluctuates, ensuring you can budget well into the future.

With guidance from the foreign exchange experts at Moneycorp, you could save thousands on your overseas property purchase. Moneycorp has been dealing in foreign exchange for over 35 years, in the last year alone they dealt in nearly 100 different currencies. Their experienced dealers will be able guide you through the foreign exchange market and help you cut through any red-tape you might encounter when making your international transfers. So get in touch and find out more about how you could save on your overseas transfers, it’s free to open an account and there’s no obligation to trade.

For further information on Moneycorp’s services or to open a free and no obligation account please call + 1 407 352 5890 or email Please quote ‘Annalisa Weller’ when contacting Moneycorp. Or you may contact me: and I’ll gladly introduce you to Darren.