Columbus called Costa Rica “the rich coast”—and it still is, with Caribbean beaches and Pacific shoreline that’ll take your breath away. But this nation has much more to offer, too: a year-round tropical climate, modern cities, rainforests, lush valleys and majestic mountains.

With its slower pace of living, warm, welcoming climate, healthy, fresh foods and reputation as one of the “greenest, cleanest” countries in the world it’s no wonder Costa Ricans are considered among the “happiest people on the planet.”


The country is aimed at becoming a carbon-neutral region, and it has almost succeeded in accomplishing this. Attempting to have no carbon footprint by 2020. Costa Rica is classified as a tropical country due to its proximity to the Equator, 10 degrees above.


Pura Vida, meaning Pure Life, characterizes the modern culture in the country. The expression means that life is plenty or that living is great. The locals in Costa Rica use this phrase often such as when expressing greetings, thanking someone or acknowledging that things are going well. Music Like in most parts of the world, music is also loved in Costa Rica.

Official language: Spanish

Currency: Colon  – colorful currency representative of the Eco-friendly philosophy.

Colones (4)

Costa Ricans call themselves ticos (males) and ticas (females).

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Even though its landmass only takes up .03% of the planet’s surface, the country is host to more than 5% of the world’s biodiversity.


Buying property Real estate is booming once again in Costa Rica, and is one of North America’s most popular destinations. The country’s attraction goes beyond white-sand beaches, lush rain forests and great weather year around. Costa Rica’s stable democracy and comparable prices have attracted an increasing number of investors searching for their own slice of paradise. Another advantage to purchasing real estate here is that the constitution provides foreigners and Costa Ricans equal treatment under the law.


Grecia is a medium-sized town in Costa Rica’s Central Valley, about a 30-minute drive from San Jose. It’s half an hour that makes all the difference in the world, say expats who live here. While nearby San Jose offers world-class hospitals and all the shopping malls and big box stores anyone could want or need, it’s also fraught with big-city woes, especially mega hustle bustle, parking and traffic problems. Not so, in Grecia, where the pace of life is slower and there’s plenty of time to stop and smell the coffee. Literally!


We have found there are five major reasons people choose Costa Rica for their “get-a-way” vacation second home or their retirement and investment property, and they are, as follows;

1) weather (shorts and shirtsleeves year round)
2) lower taxes (tax base $0.0025 x highest recorded value)
3) cheaper labor (anything labor intensive – construction, medical, services, restaurants, etc will be less)
4) stable government (banana republic with NO military)
5) Secure and stable Central Bank (not exclusively tied to the US Dollar)

The beautiful scenery, forest, beaches, waterfalls, hot springs and nature allows you every sport you want to do – You can play every day out in the sun or sit in a natural spring and soak your bones with a good book

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