A very heartfelt thank you to the St Petersburg Police Department and 2 of my neighbors. They all came to my rescue just before midnight on Christmas night. The neighbors from 2 doors down chased the guy who was trying to break into my home & then made sure that I was okay. The guy was pounding, kicking, screaming & throwing my things including chairs. We believe that he was drunk or on something. My neighbors were so sweet. The St Petersburg Police arrived within minutes of my frantic 911 call & stayed out front of my home until 8am today. The canine unit searched the neighbor while other cars patrolled the neighborhood. Officer McCauley & Officer Martini were extremely calming & re-ensuring. Officer McCauley kept me informed as things progressed, tried to help me stop shaking by explaining that it was just adrenaline, I was safe & I had done everything correctly. He even helped me clean up the broken pieces of wood & screen from my porch door & porch & broken pottery after forensics was done with my front porch at 3am. The officers did ask if I felt comfortable with having a gun. They would help me choose the right one for me, with obtaining permits & training. I thanked them but said no. I have always been good in emergency situations but who knows how I would react since I will not be using a gun on a regular basis-what I might I do. Must not hestiate, must shoot to kill, must be comfortable with taking another life. Can’t promise any of those. Will leave it to the pros. They offered to escort me to a friend’s house or a hotel for the night if I wanted. I chose to stay home because I knew that it was okay. Needless to say, I did not sleep all night but I felt safe. Thanks so much to my neighbors & the St Petersburg Police Department. I am so appreciative. I wish you all a very safe & Happy New Year. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!