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Originally International Women’s Day was called International Working Women’s Day. It is celebrated on March 8th every year. The first time it was celebrated was In New York on February 28, 1909, YES 1909!!, to remember the 1908 strike of the International Ladies Garment Worker’s Union in New York City.

In August 1910, an International Women’s Conference was held in Copenhagen, Denmark. 100 women from 17 countries met to promote equal rights. The following year on March 19, 1911 International Women’s Day  was celebrated by over a million people in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. Women demanded that they be given the right to vote and to hold public office. They also protested against employment sex discrimination. (Well, some things haven’t changed). For many years it was predominately celebrated in socialist & communist countries. Hmmm…

Not until my generation was it embraced by the USA & much of the world. In 1975 The United Nations began celebrating International Women’s Day because it was also International Women’s Year. 1975!! Then in 1977 the United Nations invited its member to declare March 8th as the United Nations Day for women’s right and world peace.

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.” – Happy International Women’s Day!

San Diego Air & Space Museum 7

To me, it doesn’t matter what color or colors you are, what religion you may or may not be, what country you or your family come from originally, how much money you have or don’t have,
I wish you all peace, love, health & happiness now and in the upcoming years.
Please share your joy & kindness with others that may come across your life.
Two of my favorite songs from childhood come to mind:
Why can’t we be Friends? by the group WAR (how ironic!!)
Everyday People by Sly & The Family Stone
Take care. With much love…


2015 Holiday card.jpg


One of the perks of being a Realtor in the Clearwater Beach-St Petersburg area is the view on your way to and from work. The other day I had a home inspection on a lovely waterfront condo in Dunedin. Yes, it took over an hour’s drive to get there but oh, how gorgeous was the scenery once I arrived. By the way, the temperature was 74 degrees and sunny with a nice breeze. Not bad for December. Ah, life can be so good!! Thank you.



Last Friday, after having 4 home inspections, I decided on the way home to St Petersburg from Ruskin/Apollo Beach area to take a 15 minute break in a very hectic week. In the last 3 months I have passed this fruit stand almost weekly but never have had the time to stop.



Oh, I am so glad that I did. As I pulled up there sat a John Deere tractor sporting its famous green & yellow paint. Good so far. The closer I walked to the building the stronger the citrus smell was-one of my absolutely favorite scents. It immediately took me back to when I lived in Northern California and when the Silicon Valley which was still called the Santa Clara Valley filled with orchards, fruit stands & small vineyards.


Did I mention that the temperature here in Florida on this sunny clear January afternoon was 72 degrees? The license plates in the parking lot read their cold winter names off to me-Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut, Iowa, Quebec, Ontario, Vermont, Maine-you get the idea. I thought how nice it is that I live  just only about an hour away, but yet 50 years back in time.

I was greeted by several happy Dooley Grove employees with samples of orange & grapefruit juices only hours off the trees, one of which spoke German to me so I was able to practice a little bit of my German. There were also samples of various citrus fruits including grapefruit, pink Pomelos, tangerines, Ponderosa lemons, Orlando tangelos, Honeybells & oranges (of course, this is Florida after all). I was in citrus heaven!! You can buy the fruit individually (as I did) or by the pound or by the peck or the bushel. When was the last time you bought something by the bushel or a peck? So a bushel is equal to 8 dry gallons or 4 pecks, used for corns, oats, & various grains. I knew that one. Okay, so I had to look up a peck. A peck is equal to 2 dry gallons or 8 quarts or 16 pints OR 1/4 of a bushel. The other guests were buying bags or bushels full of fruit while I purchased my 5 Honeybells & Orlando tangelos. Some guests were waiting for their tour of the groves & then a turn at picking their own fruit. Everyday in January & February they have “u-pick” tours for groups of 6 to 24 people. Dooley Groves is a 3rd generation family owned & run business in Ruskin. Ruskin was founded in 1908 on the shores of the Little Manatee River.

So if you ever find yourself in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, you might want to stop by for some fresh citrus & take a step back in time.

IMG_9405 IMG_9416 IMG_9422 IMG_9424 IMG_9430 IMG_9432 IMG_9437

Brightly costumed dolls representing Japan and Mexico in scenery from their lands at 'it’s a small world'

If you have ever visited Disneyland or Disney World, then chances are you have heard “It’s A Small World”. When you take the 12-15 minute ride in the little boats that meander throughout the various lands, you hear it many times & in many languages. In my case, I have been stuck in that attraction several times with my daughters in both Florida & in California. It was their favorite ride so we rode it as many times as we could possibly fit in each visit. The more you ride, the more likely you are to get stuck.  One of the fastest way to drive this mother crazy.

Fast forward 15 years and I have just purchased a new phone. My youngest daughter is helping me set up this new phone but with a few surprises unknown to me. Teenagers are so clever, aren’t they? So the first time of my daughters called me, the new phone rings with, can you guess? Yes, “It’s a Small World”!! They thought that it would drive me crazy-a short drive these days, I admit. That was 2 years ago & their little surprise has backfired because I love it. That song lets me know that it is one of my wonderful daughters calling. It brings a smile to my face every time and brings back some incredibly fun memories. It’s a blessing & a curse. LOL   SO thanks, my wee one! Or should I say Merci, Muchas gracias, Vielen Dank, Σας ευχαριστώ, Grazie, 感谢您, Takk, ありがとうございました。, Obrigado, Go raibh maith agat?

It’s a world of laughter, a world of tears. It’s a world of hopes and a world of fears. There’s so much we share…and a smile means friendship to everyone

To watch the video:

Written by brothers Richard and Robert Sherman

It’s a small world after all.

It’s a small world after all.

It’s a small world after all.

It’s a small, small world.  Thank you, Mr. Disney!

Walt Disney



The five Olympic Rings                        2014 Winter Olympics logo.svg

First of all, I must admit that I am such an Olymp-a-holic. Yes, I freely admit it. I know that it is not a real word but it so aptly describes this condition I have. Since the very first time I watched the Olympics on TV as a small child with my parents, I have been fascinated by the winter & summer Olympics. I am so in awe of what the human body can accomplish and how the athletes continue to push the boundaries of what was thought humanly possible even from just the day before.

I have visited the sites of some of the Olympic games but never during the games-Los Angeles, Atlanta, Vancouver, Paris, London, Sydney, Oslo, Mexico City, Amsterdam, Munich, Garmich-Partenkirchen, and even Athens. I was born near Munich & Garmich. I was breathless when I visited the ancient site in Olympia, Greece & of course, I had to walk the tracks & sit in the stadium. Someday I will, I WILL, attend the Olympics and I won’t care what sport or where it is being held. On my bucket list long before there was a thing called a bucket list.

During the opening ceremony, I was very impressed with the avant-garde representation of the Russian history and the sheer size of everything, the choreography and all the tech images. Watching all the athletes arriving into the stadium is always fun to watch too. But I was most impressed by what International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach said, “The Olympic Movement always stands for building bridges to bring people together, not for erecting walls to keep them apart. It has been my own life philosophy and guiding principle as well. It is possible—even as competitors—to live together under one roof in harmony, with tolerance and without any form of discrimination for whatever reason. The International Olympic Committee wants your Olympic Dream to come true. This is why we are investing almost all of our revenues in the development of sports. The universal Olympic rules apply to each and every athlete- no matter where you come from or what your background is. You are living together in the Olympic Village. You will celebrate victory with dignity and accept defeat with dignity. You are bringing the Olympic Values to life. In this way, the Olympic Games, wherever they take place, set an example for a peaceful society. Olympic Sport unites people. This is the Olympic Message the athletes spread to the host country and to the whole world. Yes, it is possible to strive even for the greatest victory with respect for the dignity of your competitors. Yes, Yes, it is possible – even as competitors – to live together under one roof in harmony, with tolerance and without any form of discrimination for whatever reason. Yes, it is possible – even as competitors – to listen, to understand and to give an example for a peaceful society.”

I totally agree and think that more people should believe & live by these words. A peaceful society, what a nice goal.

This is so cool that I just had to share again!! Music crosses all boundaries. We need more of this in the world. Irish version of the “Cups” song! Amhrán na gCupán

Beannachtam na Feile Padraig – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St Pete Pier

St Pete Pier

Say it ain’t so!   These are the Last 7 Days at The Pier. The Pier, the City of St. Pete and JonnY Reno’S are whooping it up with tons of Free Concerts including a Special Appearance from The Black Honkey on Saturday, a huge Salsa Dance Off on Friday, several killer bands on Sunday then the big climax on Memorial Monday with Water Ski Shows, Fireworks and big name regional bands. Please scroll down for all the details. Make an effort to say Good Bye to Pier and JonnY Reno’S. We are for a Good Time. Not a Long Time.

I will miss you!! We all will miss you!!

NASA just officially announced that December 12, 2012 will not be the end of the world after all. Many predictions have been made that the world would end based on the end of Mayan long count calendar. The Mayan calendar systems go back to at least the 5th century BC.  According to the Mayans, the world has ended 4 times before but then it restarts on a new cycle. The Mayans have long been known for their accuracy when it comes to astronomy, including knowing that there are 365.2244 days in a year and stating when comets or meteorites have hit the planet in the far past. As far as NASA can see there are no comets or planets that will be crashing into the earth on December 12th or any time in 2012.

And there was great rejoicing throughout the lands!! Oh, but now I guess I have to pay my bills after all.

I’m baaaack. Oh, my goodness! This has been a rough couple of weeks for me as far as electronics go. Hence, no current blogs, email responses and phone calls. Stuck in techno hell is absolutely horrifying. Yes, I know that I am dependent on technology but it didn’t really sink in how much until I had no working cell phone, no working laptop and then the final straw-no working iPAD all at the same time! And on top of that, I had no working voice. Try whispering & coughing your way through customer support for 5 hours. It makes for interesting conversations. Thank heavens, I have kept a land phone line with my cable & Internet package. Many friends & family members have questioned my choice to keep a landline but I am so happy that I did.

After 11 hours at the phone store & 5 hours with customer support, I now have a new cell phone and a working iPAD which are happily synced. I still do not have a working laptop and I now need to wait for the restore discs to arrive in 4-6weeks?!? so I might have a useable laptop again. As, such is life.

In the meantime, here are a few things happening in the St Pete-Tampa Bay area that are just for fun. I know that I need to do something fun.

The Korean pop/hip-hop star Psy, who has the #1 viral video in the world right now, was supposed to perform at the 93.3-FLZ Jingle Ball on Dec. 9 at the Tampa Bay Times Forum. But according to the station, Psy had to withdraw from the Jingle Ball lineup because he’s been invited to perform at the White House??? That’s right! President Obama is having Psy perform Gangnam Style! Can you believe it?

However, the good news is, Psy is still coming to Tampa, Florida. He will appear and perform at “Jingle All the Way” on Dec. 8, a free, radio-sponsored event at University Mall in Tampa. The event runs 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Psy will perform around 4:30 p.m. giving him plenty of time to get to Y100’s Jingle Ball in South Florida that same night.  Here’s the link to the video, in case you haven’t seen it:

Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style

Cirque du Soleil Kooza

Cirque du Soleil Kooza

It’s not too late to see Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza at Tropicana Field 1 Stadium Drive, St. Petersburg Florida. The show uses traditional circus elements like clowns and acrobatics. It runs through Dec. 16 for $43.50-$143.50 adults; $33-$104.50 ages 2-12.

If you want to try a different circus, there is Cirque Italia at Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI), 4801 E Fowler Ave., Tampa Florida. The Italian entertainment company sets up their big top next to MOSI for ACT XII, featuring aerial acts, hand-balancing acts, contortionists, hula hoops and other stunning performances. Through Dec 3 $25-$40 adults, $10-$35 ages 2-12.

cirque italia

cirque italia

Downtown Saturday Morning Market  Saturday, Dec. 1 at 9 a.m. Progress Energy Park/Al Lang Field 180 Second Ave. SE, St. Petersburg with more than 100 local vendors including fresh produce, gourmet foods, crafts, live entertainment, flowers and plants.

Snow in Florida???? Snowfest and Santa Parade Saturday, Dec. 1 at 10 a.m. North Straub Park, Fifth Avenue NE and Bayshore Drive, St. Petersburg   The annual Santa Parade beginning at Central Avenue and Fifth Street. After the parade, 65 tons of snow are blown into North Straub Park for snow activities including ice-skating, toboggan rides, make-and-take crafts, climbing wall, reindeer races, visits with Santa, a giant greeting card display and kiddie land (for ages 3-5). $5 wristband; $5 skating.

Abnormality Art Show   Saturday, Dec. 1 at 6 p.m.  Station Number Three Art Gallery 2701 Fifth Ave. S, St. Petersburg

More like a weird party than a typical art show, more than 30 artists influenced by taxidermy, skulls, teeth and freaks of nature will create this one-day exhibit. 20 Penny Circus brings their unique blend of illusion and close-up magic that will be performed throughout the night, both onstage and circulating through the audience. Free.

Florida Orchestra Masterworks: Brahms’ Double Concerto   Saturday, Dec. 1 at 8 p.m. Mahaffey Theater 400 First St. S, St. Petersburg. Duo of violinist Karen Gomyo and cellist Christian Poltera perform Brahms’ dramatic Concerto for Violin and Cello $15-$45

St. Petersburg College Madrigalians  Saturday, Dec. 1 at 2 p.m. St. Petersburg Main Public Library 3745 Ninth Ave. N, St. Petersburg.  The select choral ensemble, under the direction of Vernon Taranto, Jr., presents songs of the season. Refreshments served. Free

What’s the holiday season without The Nutcracker?     Saturday, Dec. 1 at 2 p.m.Palladium Theater 253 Fifth Ave. N, St. Petersburg. The St. Petersburg Ballet Company’s production showcases future dancers/students of world-renowned schools/companies.  $10-$20.

Wicked Winter Wonderland   Saturday, Dec. 1 at 8 p.m. ARTpool Gallery 2030 Central Ave., St. Petersburg. The third annual fashion party features video art by David Meek, music and a runway fashion show with creations by local designers. $15, $10 students (advance); $20, $15 students (at the door).

And one more circus-Cirque Chinois Sunday, Dec. 2 at 7 p.m. Mahaffey Theater 400 First St. S, St. Petersburg.  The Cirque Chinois is highly acclaimed in China because of its unique acts such as Great Teeterboard, Grand Flying Trapeze, Group Contortion, Straw Hats Juggling, Girls’ Balance with Bowls and many other outstanding acts. Many of the artists in the troupe have won international performance awards. $25-$45.

Have a wonderful holiday season with or without technology!

Annalisa Weller, Realtor®, Certified International Property Specialist

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