Beautiful Caribbean property located in Costa Rica, near Port Moin & Port Limón. Millions of dollars have been recently invested into both ports to increase cruise ship access. A number of hotels & resorts from tropical lodges to bio-reserves to luxury hotels are taking advantage of the less developed and therefore less expensive coast of Costa Rica by investing in this area as well. This makes it the ideal time to invest before the prices go up & rival the Pacific coast prices of Costa Rica. The Tortuguero National Park, located just north of this property, offers ecco tours with turtle watching, bird watching, sailing along canals, and an enormous variety of flora and fauna. It is the third-most visited park in Costa Rica, even though it can be reached only by airplane or boat but which keeps the environment in pristine condition. Just south of this property is the Southern Caribbean region with its beautiful beaches with both swimming and surfing. Cahuita, Puerto Viejo, and Gandoca Manzanillo are the villages that best represent the Caribbean flavor with their architecture and cuisine. A variety of tours can be found in the area including canopy tours, horseback tours, nature observation, the canals of Tortuguero, pineapple plantations, tropical flower plantations, sugar haciendas or banana plantations and city tours.

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Unwind from the fast-paced world… INVEST IN PARADISE! Flying over the east coast of Costa Rica into the capital of San Jose, one catches the first glimpses of the beautiful blue Caribbean Sea, the lush barrier islands and the gorgeous beaches. As you get closer to the barrier islands, you’ll see the rainforest that lines the river on the west side, where monkeys, toucans, kingfishers and macaws share this paradise. The Caribbean coast stretches 125 miles between Nicaragua and Panama. Your piece of paradise is nestled on a barrier island and is approximately 3,140.94 meters square or 33,810 square feet. The buildable area has 2 cabanas, caretakers’ residence & a cabana. It has 2 septic systems with public metered water services, as well as telephone & internet. Dish Network is available…can you believe it, all the way in Costa Rica? World Health Organization quotes, “One of the best places in the world to live.”As they say in Costa Rica,”Pura Vida!”

Puerto Limón, the most important port on the Costa Rican Caribbean coast, has an abundance of nearby vegetation and a very friendly Afro-Caribbean culture. This port is close to the Panama Canal, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Southern part of the United States. Some of the money invested into this port is being used to dredge a new harbor. It will be 14 m deep with a 500 m turning diameter. The port complex offers all the necessary services for an adequate operation, such as drinking water, fuel, pilotage, medical services, and more. The cruise companies docking here include Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Carnival, Premier Holland America, and several others. The cruise season generally runs from October through April.

The Port of Moin is 8.2 kms to the west from Limón. The Limon-Moin port complex is one of the most important of its kind in Central America. It connects Costa Rica with major international markets in the United States, Latin America, and Europe.